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Canadian Evangelism

We want to invite you this Saturday evening at 7 pm in Victoria BC
Story in the Stars is a fascinating look into the constellations known today as the Zodiac. But, Virgo, and Leo and Orion are actually all biblical references that point us to Jesus not to fortune telling. Story in the stars will fascinate you with God’s detailed signs that affect your life – what was actually going on with the Star of Bethlehem?
This event features two internationally known speakers, Joe Amaral and Brent Cantelon – the purpose is to provide a great event for people to attend with you. You will be amazed at how much love and effort God has gone to, to show us His heart for the world! People are intrigued by the planets, by space exploration and our place in the universe – this event will explain how it all connects to your life, your future, your relationship with the creator.

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