In Every Place...

I believe that in every country, in every province, in every city, in every neighborhood, in every family there is someone who is searching for God. There is no stereotype for this person, there is no consistent demographic to describe them, the only thing they share in common is a spiritual longing that is driving them to look for something. A few realize it is a spiritual search, many do not. These people are in different places on the spiritual journey continuum. Some are vaguely aware of an ache or longing, others have actually started looking for God in tangible ways. Most are an invitation or conversation away from taking a step closer to Jesus. They all have questions and preconceived ideas, they all have opinions and misgivings – they all need someone to help them take the next step.

I believe the role of the evangelist is to stir up faith in people’s hearts, to encourage them to take a spiritual risk and be that someone to help that person in their life take the next step toward Jesus. When I’m given the opportunity I love being the one to give an invitation to seeking people. But more often than not you are the one who has the contact with the ones who are searching for God. Be encouraged, if you will risk it, the Holy Spirit is going to do His part in the process as well. It’s not all up to you, but your part is up to you – go ahead, take a step of faith!

I’m on my way to Tuktoyuktuk tomorrow because there is a precious first nations person who is searching for the Living God, their Creator, their Redeemer, their healer. Next week I’m going to Chennai India because there are a billion souls all believing in something, most are filled with frustration and hopelessness. They must be told that there is Good News, that a personal God in heaven, a God who knows their name, a God who will give their life meaning and hope loves them.

To do the work we believe we are called to do we must be sent by people who believe the same things. Thank you for sending us with your prayers, we depend upon the covering of praying people. If as you pray the Lord speaks to your heart to help send us with financial support that would also be so very helpful. We believe that one soul is worth going for, so as we are able we will continue to go in Jesus’ Name.

Bless you,