A Time of Faith and Trepidation

A Post by Carina: 

I think it is unreasonable to not have some measure of concern, especially facing the assignment that lies ahead in Bangladesh. FAITH, yes!!! God is in it. But I would not be truthful if I didn't say there is a measure of trepidation, especially for me… but I know He will protect Brent and supply all that is needed. 
Brent will be going to Bangladesh for a three-day evangelistic outreach. It will be called a Music festival, featuring an international speaker, (his name will be spelled incorrectly under his picture for security reasons). 
The venue will be a very large tent where up to 20,000 can gather each night. Politicians and local secular musicians will be highlighted. (Brent was there last year and 13-15 thousand were in attendance at a street outreach with hundreds praying to receive Christ.)
The word will be preached, the gospel will go forth, and a salvation invitation will be given in each gathering. Our brother who is organizing this with his sons and church family, will be following up with those who respond, along with the members in the 2000+ church network. Most of these are house churches so they are ideal for new believers. This ministry is connected relationally with the PAOC
What is also exciting is that the Gideons Canada will be coming along and handing out bibles!!! Praise God, the seed of the Gospel will be planted and the Word of God left in the hands of the people. 
Please pray for safety and travel and that Brent can go freely and full of the Holy Ghost and that thousands will respond!
Our budget for this outreach is $16,000 and we need friends like you who believe in reaching lost people to help us get there.
Thank you dear friends, 
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We will soon be sharing an exciting update on evangelism in Canada.