God Keep Our Land


Today in my country it is ‘Canada Day’. It is my country because I was born here, my father and mother were born here, my children and grandchildren have been born here. It is my country because I truly love this land and these people. But, it is my country firstly and foremost because the Lord has called me and my wife to serve the spiritual needs of Canada.

All across the country today people will gather together, wave flags, get balloon animals, have their faces painted, eat unhealthy food, dance, watch fireworks and some may even listen to a few speeches. They will talk about the wonderful geography, the natural and human resources, the prosperous economy and the uniqueness of Canadian contribution and achievement on the global stage. There is much to celebrate, much to be thankful for, truly we are a privileged land and a blessed people.

My Bible reading today fell upon the account of the revival of Judah under the leadership of Josiah, I didn’t plan it that way, I’m not even on the proper day of the year, (July 1 is day 181, my reading was day 212). God has wonderful ways of revealing His heart. I believe the Lord, by the Holy Spirit has revival in His plan for our nation. I believe there are thousands of Canadians who are hungry for more of God, who are weary of the emptiness of the gods of the land, many who are broken and bruised from the cruelty of Satan’s bondage.

For those of you who have indicated a desire to walk with us in faith, today marks the beginning of a determined effort to see Jesus lifted higher, to see repentance and holiness to the Lord, to see the harvest gathered. Join with me in praying:

“Oh God, bring a revival to my heart, cleanse me of my rebellious ways, restore the joy of my salvation, renew me in Your Holy Spirit – bring Your fire Lord, bring Your fire to my heart.”

May ‘God keep our land, glorious and free, oh Canada we stand on guard for thee, oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.”