Next Steps

For a number of years Carina and I have felt a stirring in our hearts. It is a sense of calling to a task we were willing to accept and yet uncertain as to how it would come about and when it would be asked of us. This burden is defined by an inescapable passion for evangelism and revival in our beloved Canada, as well as a desire to minister, strengthen and pour into global missions leaders and works. We are persuaded that the time to launch into a new full time role outside of pastoral ministry is now. 

What will we be doing, the Lord willing?

By God’s grace, we will be fulfilling the role of a “Missionary/Evangelist and Pastor to Leaders”. 

A) To serve, at the invitation of PAOC International Missions and our International Partnerships. This role will include itinerant evangelism in strategic locations overseas and speaking at Pastors, leadership and prayer conferences. It may also include leading prayer and missions exposure teams into potential new fields. 
There will be opportunities to engage in overseas church planting efforts both with PAOC global workers and national leaders in the field. Another significant piece will be encouraging local Canadian churches to increase their engagement in missions through preaching and consulting with pastors and missions committees. Building and nurturing relationships with key individuals displaying a generous heart for evangelism and missions will also be part of the role. All of this will mean multiple international trips annually, as well as ministry in Canadian churches as doors are opened by the PAOC and our current friendships.

B) To answer the call of “Evangelism to Canada”.
- Evangelism and revival for Canada has burned in our hearts for decades. We feel deeply called to this vision. 
- We are responding to a specific word of the Lord to our hearts a number of years ago to a “Missionary to Canada” calling. This ministry is undefined at the moment. As we fulfill the responsibilities and opportunities through the open doors of PAOC missions, we will have the privilege of ministering to pastors and leaders across the nation. We believe the Lord will lead from there.
- It may include evangelistic meetings, conferences, church planting initiatives and mobilizing of workers and funds for these purposes. It will include activity and ministry that we haven’t even dreamed of yet. As God opens the doors, we will be ready to go through them.

Would you join us in faith for our new ministry challenge? We would love to have you join our prayer team or contribute financially - to join us in either way please visit the support page.

Thank you so much,

With sincere and much love,

-Brent and Carina