In Every Place...

I believe that in every country, in every province, in every city, in every neighborhood, in every family there is someone who is searching for God. There is no stereotype for this person, there is no consistent demographic to describe them, the only thing they share in common is a spiritual longing that is driving them to look for something. A few realize it is a spiritual search, many do not. These people are in different places on the spiritual journey continuum. Some are vaguely aware of an ache or longing, others have actually started looking for God in tangible ways. Most are an invitation or conversation away from taking a step closer to Jesus. They all have questions and preconceived ideas, they all have opinions and misgivings – they all need someone to help them take the next step.

I believe the role of the evangelist is to stir up faith in people’s hearts, to encourage them to take a spiritual risk and be that someone to help that person in their life take the next step toward Jesus. When I’m given the opportunity I love being the one to give an invitation to seeking people. But more often than not you are the one who has the contact with the ones who are searching for God. Be encouraged, if you will risk it, the Holy Spirit is going to do His part in the process as well. It’s not all up to you, but your part is up to you – go ahead, take a step of faith!

I’m on my way to Tuktoyuktuk tomorrow because there is a precious first nations person who is searching for the Living God, their Creator, their Redeemer, their healer. Next week I’m going to Chennai India because there are a billion souls all believing in something, most are filled with frustration and hopelessness. They must be told that there is Good News, that a personal God in heaven, a God who knows their name, a God who will give their life meaning and hope loves them.

To do the work we believe we are called to do we must be sent by people who believe the same things. Thank you for sending us with your prayers, we depend upon the covering of praying people. If as you pray the Lord speaks to your heart to help send us with financial support that would also be so very helpful. We believe that one soul is worth going for, so as we are able we will continue to go in Jesus’ Name.

Bless you,


A Story in the Stars

This coming Saturday, November 21st, 2015 @7pm

Story in the Stars is a fascinating look into the constellations known today as the Zodiac. But, Virgo, and Leo and Orion are actually all biblical references that point us to Jesus not to fortune telling. Story in the stars will fascinate you with God’s detailed signs that affect your life – what was actually going on with the Star of Bethlehem? 

This event features two internationally known speakers, Joe Amaral and Brent Cantelon – the purpose is to provide a great event for people to attend with you. You will be amazed at how much love and effort God has gone to, to show us His heart for the world! People are intrigued by the planets, by space exploration and our place in the universe – this event will explain how it all connects to your life, your future, your relationship with the creator.

A Time of Faith and Trepidation

A Post by Carina: 

I think it is unreasonable to not have some measure of concern, especially facing the assignment that lies ahead in Bangladesh. FAITH, yes!!! God is in it. But I would not be truthful if I didn't say there is a measure of trepidation, especially for me… but I know He will protect Brent and supply all that is needed. 
Brent will be going to Bangladesh for a three-day evangelistic outreach. It will be called a Music festival, featuring an international speaker, (his name will be spelled incorrectly under his picture for security reasons). 
The venue will be a very large tent where up to 20,000 can gather each night. Politicians and local secular musicians will be highlighted. (Brent was there last year and 13-15 thousand were in attendance at a street outreach with hundreds praying to receive Christ.)
The word will be preached, the gospel will go forth, and a salvation invitation will be given in each gathering. Our brother who is organizing this with his sons and church family, will be following up with those who respond, along with the members in the 2000+ church network. Most of these are house churches so they are ideal for new believers. This ministry is connected relationally with the PAOC
What is also exciting is that the Gideons Canada will be coming along and handing out bibles!!! Praise God, the seed of the Gospel will be planted and the Word of God left in the hands of the people. 
Please pray for safety and travel and that Brent can go freely and full of the Holy Ghost and that thousands will respond!
Our budget for this outreach is $16,000 and we need friends like you who believe in reaching lost people to help us get there.
Thank you dear friends, 
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PS: Any donation to this ministry up until December 31st, 2015 will be doubled by a matching donor. 

We will soon be sharing an exciting update on evangelism in Canada. 

God Keep Our Land Newsletter

January/February Newsletter - Click Here For PDF

First Ever Gospel Street Evangelism in Dhaka:

About 3000 inside the tent, another 10-15 thousand gather outside to listen. 

About 3000 inside the tent, another 10-15 thousand gather outside to listen. 

Bangladesh is considered one of the poorest and most densely populated nations on earth. Bangladesh is a Muslim nation that has suffered continuously through natural disasters, poverty and religious domination. But at the same time, where the darkness is most present the light shines most brightly. We were sent by supporters of “God Keep Our Land” to participate in the first ever presentation of the Gospel on the streets of Dhaka. Through the diplomatic and wise leadership of our host, Bishop Phillip, an entire block was closed and a tent enclosure set up to house the meeting. The audience was ninety eight percent Muslim, all of those would be hearing the good news for the very first time! To present Christ in a translated message to a completely non-Christian audience was a new experience in dependence upon the Holy Spirit. The hands you see raised in the picture are hundreds making an initial decision for Christ. Praise God! 


As we have embarked on a new year our hearts are very full with the faithfulness and grace of God. A summary in point form of the types of ministry we have been doing: 

  • Canadian Ministry: 
  • Spiritual Renewal and Revival weekends
  • Mission’s conferences
  • supply preaching
  • Pastor’s conferences, leadership/board consultations
  • Internation Evangelism: Bangladesh, China
  • Fund Raising. 
Some of the youth Pastors in Alberta. Blessed to speak to all the PAOC pastors of both Alberta and BC in Jan/Feb. 

Some of the youth Pastors in Alberta. Blessed to speak to all the PAOC pastors of both Alberta and BC in Jan/Feb. 

By the end of February I will have spoken about thirty five (35) times in all of these various opportunities. The travel and the speaking is quite busy, but… we are highly energized by the doors the Lord has opened. 

We believe that we are to be a catalyst for the Canadian church in stirring up faith and action for evangelism. We are called to challenge pastors and churches to believe for Revival, to expect a spiritual breakthrough and to take intentional action to scatter the seed of the gospel. 

The response in every setting (to the glory of God), has been very positive. It is feeling like we are in the right place at the right time for encouraging and strengthening our friends in the Canadian church. There is a witness in the Spirit, there are many in this land believing for Revival. The scripture theme that is thundering in my spirit these days is: 

Mark 4:26-29 (NLT)
26  Jesus also said, “The Kingdom of God is like a farmer who scatters seed on the ground. 27  Night and day, while he’s asleep or awake, the seed sprouts and grows, but he does not understand how it happens. 28  The earth produces the crops on its own. First a leaf blade pushes through, then the heads of wheat are formed, and finally the grain ripens. 29  And as soon as the grain is ready, the farmer comes and harvests it with a sickle, for the harvest time has come.”

Please continue to lift up this ministry (God Keep Our Land) in your prayers. Please ask the Lord if He would have you partner with us financially, as a monthly or one time donor. 
God bless you, Brent and Carina.

Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor. 1 Corinthians 3:8 (NKJV)
On a date on the way home from China. 

On a date on the way home from China. 

Yang Yang

My hosts Jimmy and Yali, Yang Yang, me, and the boyfriend. 

My hosts Jimmy and Yali, Yang Yang, me, and the boyfriend. 

Yang Yang - during the 45 minute pre-preach sermon - i noticed a young couple enter the service late. I thought, “that is the picture of the new China”. Young, very attractive couple, dressed fashionably - they looked like they could have just come from a magazine photo shoot. They both responded enthusiastically to the appeal. 

The pastor at the end gave an altar call, he simply invited anyone who wanted to become a Christian to come to the front and stand on the platform facing the audience - the young woman was the first to the front, her name is Yang Yang. He asked me to lead the six people in the sinners prayer - they were crying at the end of the prayer. Then I was to pray a prayer of blessing over them, more tears, then they are invited, after dismissal into a circle for initial discipleship - Yang Yang is completely engaged smiling, bowing in respect, hands clasped in front of her chest, wiping tears, almost jumping - so sweet. Later as we are having tea in the pastors office she bursts into the room with my host Jimmy, runs over to Yali (Jimmy’s wife), and screams and hugs her. Now the back story. 

     Eight years ago Yang Yang (pronounced “young young”, her name means "little lamb") was a tour guide for a group of six couples in another province. Jimmy and Yali hosted the group, they prayed for their meals, worshipped in the vehicle, were very joyful and kind. At the end of the tour Jimmy shared with Yang Yang that she should receive Christ - they lost contact, an earthquake (literally) caused the loss of phone and contact info. Only after a chance meeting in the church bookstore where she asked Jimmy which bible to buy, did they realize she was that tour guide and he was the same one who had shared with her eight years prior. She was only visiting Guangzhou for three days, her boyfriend is a nominal believer who brought her to this church, on this day, to the afternoon service (because she was hung over), I am speaking, Jimmy is interpreting (because I am the guest - he hasn’t attended that service for over two years) - now they are all jumping and shouting and hugging and crying realizing how God has connected all the dots of this day! I have seldom if ever seen someone come to Jesus with such joy - it went on and on, she would laugh, and cry, and jump up and down - throw her head back and laugh, hug Jimmy, hug Yali, run over and hug me… cry some more…honestly it was the most beautiful thing - Praise God. We said goodbye, she ran back (good runner in 4 inch heels) clutching her new bible and asking me to sign it for her. The conversation continued in the traffic as the boyfriend angled his car up beside ours and began talking and sharing more through the open windows, he was inviting my hosts for dinner on monday night. 

Yang Yang - “the harvest is ripe but the labourers are few” - we all were very inspired and grateful to God for a miraculous reminder that the gospel is truly alive, truly like a mustard seed. Thank you Lord. 

God Keep Our Land


Today in my country it is ‘Canada Day’. It is my country because I was born here, my father and mother were born here, my children and grandchildren have been born here. It is my country because I truly love this land and these people. But, it is my country firstly and foremost because the Lord has called me and my wife to serve the spiritual needs of Canada.

All across the country today people will gather together, wave flags, get balloon animals, have their faces painted, eat unhealthy food, dance, watch fireworks and some may even listen to a few speeches. They will talk about the wonderful geography, the natural and human resources, the prosperous economy and the uniqueness of Canadian contribution and achievement on the global stage. There is much to celebrate, much to be thankful for, truly we are a privileged land and a blessed people.

My Bible reading today fell upon the account of the revival of Judah under the leadership of Josiah, I didn’t plan it that way, I’m not even on the proper day of the year, (July 1 is day 181, my reading was day 212). God has wonderful ways of revealing His heart. I believe the Lord, by the Holy Spirit has revival in His plan for our nation. I believe there are thousands of Canadians who are hungry for more of God, who are weary of the emptiness of the gods of the land, many who are broken and bruised from the cruelty of Satan’s bondage.

For those of you who have indicated a desire to walk with us in faith, today marks the beginning of a determined effort to see Jesus lifted higher, to see repentance and holiness to the Lord, to see the harvest gathered. Join with me in praying:

“Oh God, bring a revival to my heart, cleanse me of my rebellious ways, restore the joy of my salvation, renew me in Your Holy Spirit – bring Your fire Lord, bring Your fire to my heart.”

May ‘God keep our land, glorious and free, oh Canada we stand on guard for thee, oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.”

Next Steps

For a number of years Carina and I have felt a stirring in our hearts. It is a sense of calling to a task we were willing to accept and yet uncertain as to how it would come about and when it would be asked of us. This burden is defined by an inescapable passion for evangelism and revival in our beloved Canada, as well as a desire to minister, strengthen and pour into global missions leaders and works. We are persuaded that the time to launch into a new full time role outside of pastoral ministry is now. 

What will we be doing, the Lord willing?

By God’s grace, we will be fulfilling the role of a “Missionary/Evangelist and Pastor to Leaders”. 

A) To serve, at the invitation of PAOC International Missions and our International Partnerships. This role will include itinerant evangelism in strategic locations overseas and speaking at Pastors, leadership and prayer conferences. It may also include leading prayer and missions exposure teams into potential new fields. 
There will be opportunities to engage in overseas church planting efforts both with PAOC global workers and national leaders in the field. Another significant piece will be encouraging local Canadian churches to increase their engagement in missions through preaching and consulting with pastors and missions committees. Building and nurturing relationships with key individuals displaying a generous heart for evangelism and missions will also be part of the role. All of this will mean multiple international trips annually, as well as ministry in Canadian churches as doors are opened by the PAOC and our current friendships.

B) To answer the call of “Evangelism to Canada”.
- Evangelism and revival for Canada has burned in our hearts for decades. We feel deeply called to this vision. 
- We are responding to a specific word of the Lord to our hearts a number of years ago to a “Missionary to Canada” calling. This ministry is undefined at the moment. As we fulfill the responsibilities and opportunities through the open doors of PAOC missions, we will have the privilege of ministering to pastors and leaders across the nation. We believe the Lord will lead from there.
- It may include evangelistic meetings, conferences, church planting initiatives and mobilizing of workers and funds for these purposes. It will include activity and ministry that we haven’t even dreamed of yet. As God opens the doors, we will be ready to go through them.

Would you join us in faith for our new ministry challenge? We would love to have you join our prayer team or contribute financially - to join us in either way please visit the support page.

Thank you so much,

With sincere and much love,

-Brent and Carina